Mascha Joustra graduated in May 2015 at the Fotoacademie Amsterdam, specializing in documentary and portrait series.

Mascha has graduated with a large series of photographs documented in a voluminous photobook called ‘Elders’ (‘Elsewhere’). The book has been shortlisted for the ‘Unseen Dummy Award “ in Amsterdam, september 2015 and has been presented during Paris Photo 2015 at the Polycopies event at the the Tipi Bookshop/Brussels.

Her graduation series series called ‘Elders’ has been received very well and made entrance to several (inter)national exibitions (see in menu 'exhibits and more').

"Mascha's work has different layers and each photograph is demanding time from the viewer. Some images are poetic some direct, but her work is often asking for closer attention." ..

..”Most of my series could not have been accomplished without my memories. The persons I meet now are reflections of persons of the past. Some funny some sad, but always honest and straight from my heart. Also my (now) 16 year old daughter plays quite a substantial role in the series called 'fierce-fragile'.

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